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Training Schools

DTS, LDC, b2b
Sept. 2021

Summer of Mission

Two unforgettable weeks
that will change your life!
Summer 2021


If you are interested in volunteering,
tell us about your experience and in what areas you would like to serve, as well as your availability.

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You can pray for our staff and projects.


You can participate financially. There are several projects that need regular donations.

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Summer of Mission

Come and experience a summer you will never forget!

An intensive two-week program focused on knowing God and making Him known.

A camp full of opportunities to have powerful encounters with the Holy Spirit, to learn how to get to know Him more and be trained and sent out to share your faith.

The focus of the Summer of Mission is to mobilize young people between 15 and 25 years old to take part, not just watch: going out to the streets to share the gospel, heal the sick and set the captives free.

“And he sent them out to proclaim the kingdom of God and to heal the sick.” Luke 9:2

Your life will never be the same… and neither will the life of those you share your faith and the power of God with.

Requirements: Open to 15-25-year-olds who want to know God more and be mobilized to share the gospel.

Broaden your horizons and live differently


Are you passionate about video and photography?
Do you love design and graphic art?

We are looking for people with a calling to communicate the gospel through multimedia: web pages, TV, radio, social networks, journalism, etc.

Some of the projects we work on are video or photographic reports and video editing.

Requirements: Prior experience in one of these areas: video (filming, editing, subtitles), photography, graphic design, TV and radio, community manager for social networks, picture editor (photo and video), etc.

Successful completion of a YWAM Discipleship Training School (DTS), either in Madrid or at another base.

Commit for a minimum of one year.

God has new dreams for you

Short-term Volunteer

Come to YWAM Madrid as a short-term volunteer. Tell us what area you could help in and your availability (we suggest a period of up to three months). It is a good way to experience life in community and the atmosphere on a YWAM base if you are thinking about doing a DTS or getting involved in missions. If you have already done a DTS and want to commit to YWAM for a minimum of one year, there are many opportunities available. Apart from serving in one of the core ministries on our base, you could work in one of these operational areas.

Construction and Maintenance

We need to finish some building work and install an industrial kitchen in our facilities. We need a team of people with technical expertise in this type of work.

In addition, we sometimes need volunteers to carry out renovation work in staff housing (painting, installing aluminum windows, plumbing and electrical work, etc.).

In a building of a certain age there are always maintenance tasks to be done. All year round we need people with knowledge of plumbing, electricity and carpentry. Could you donate a few hours of your time every week?

Requirements: We prefer people with experience, but we can also train people to do simple maintenance tasks.


Do you love cooking and would enjoy serving people from different nations?

Twice a year we hold a residential Discipleship Training School. Periodically there are other schools, seminars and conferences held on our base. Depending on the need, we have to prepare food for 20-80 people.

Some possible tasks
  • Help prepare food for 20-80 people
  • Help plan a creative and nutritious menu within a specified budget
  • Work as a team leader or as part of a team of volunteers and students to prepare meals
  • Supervise and help with cleaning tasks in the kitchen and dining room
Requirements: If you have experience and want to make a long-term commitment, we would love to have you. If you can only offer a few months or the duration of a school, there is a place for you. The tasks vary according to the experience of the candidates.


Hospitality is one of YWAM’s values and we love it! We also have a pleasant apartment where we offer lodging to speakers and other people who want to stay on the base. This ministry needs practical and logistical support, as well as knowing how to welcome and receive people in a hospitable way.

Some possible tasks
  • Keep the booking calendar up to date
  • Manage reservations via email
  • Prepare beds and rooms for guests
  • Make sure the apartment is clean, tidy and a pleasant place to stay
  • Welcome visitors who come to stay
Requirements: No previous experience is necessary, but a heart to serve and love people and work well in a team is essential.

If you need to stay in our apartment, please send an email to: [email protected]

Please bear in mind that there are currently certain restrictions in place due to COVID-19. Please consult the Hospitality team at the above email if you have any questions.