YWAM is a non-profit organization financed by the donations we receive.
None of our staff receive a salary,. Everyone is a volunteer and we need the generosity of others to enable us to carry out our projects and missionary trips.
We fund various on-going initiatives, including evangelistic outreach campaigns, programs to feed and assist the needy, and projects to improve and extend the impact of our facilities.

Evangelistic Outreaches Project

Food Bank Project

YWAM Madrid Building Project

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“Go into all the world and preach the gospel to every creature.” Mark 16:15

Every year our teams lead evangelistic campaigns to take the gospel to those who are separated from God. From simply going out to preach in our own city to large musical and theatrical events, camps and traveling around Spain and other countries with an outreach team. It all costs money: transportation, promotional materials, and much more.

You may not be able to come with us, but you can take part by making a donation.

Our summer outreaches are typically six weeks long and include 10-14 evangelistic events. You can send a volunteer to this outreach by donating 250 €. 

For 100 €, you can send a volunteer to the Discipleship Training School outreach to work with local churches and accompany our students.

What can you give?

  • Summer outreach: 250 €

  • DTS outreach: 100 €

  • Any amount, however small, is a huge help!

The economic recession affects our neighbors in Torrejón

In the midst of the coronavirus pandemic, YWAM Madrid initiated several projects to help many of our neighbors in Torrejón de Ardoz who needed food. The food bank project continues, with the collaboration of several churches in the city.

Twice a month, we collect food and distribute it among the people enrolled in the project. However, our desire is to provide help every week and to do so we need regular donations to buy food and basic essential items such a diapers, cleaning and hygiene products, and to cover costs such as gas for our vehicle to collect the food and bags to package the goods.

Monthly need: 1,000 €

We are grateful for whatever amount you can give, however small! 10 €, 20 €, 50 €, 100 €, 500 € …

After a tough legal battle and with a lot of help from God, we were able to buy the facilities where YWAM Madrid is currently housed, as well as some apartments where our full-time volunteers live.

As finances become available, we continue to renovate and complete building work on different parts of the facilities.

We still need to finish construction of the basement of the main building. The most urgent need right now is to install an industrial kitchen to prepare meals for schools and the community. We also need to renovate other areas of the basement such as offices, counselling rooms and the prayer room, and to improve some of the living quarters.

Total cost of the project: 55,000 €

How much can you donate to this project? We are grateful for whatever amount you can contribute! 10 €, 20 €, 50 €, 100 €, 500 €, 1,000 €, 5,000 €, etc.

If you don’t specify a particular project, we will allocate your donation to the most urgent need at the time we receive it.

Thank you for your donation!

If you prefer to donate by sending a bank transfer, please contact us at [email protected] for details of the YWAM bank account.