Do justice and love mercy

“Speak up for those who cannot speak for themselves,
for the rights of all who are destitute.
Speak up and judge fairly;
defend the rights of the poor and needy.” Prov. 31:8-10

If you are searching for the meaning and purpose of life; if your heart is broken by injustice; if you are passionate about mercy and want to see God move in and through you –

We focus on empowering those whose voice is unheard, the victims of injustice, by building a culture of peace and serving local communities.

Come and do this DTS!


This school grants you 11/12 credits from the University of the Nations (UofN)

General Information:

I went to a YWAM school and God healed my heart and gave me a vision for the future. If you set aside these five months, God will do the same for you. You will be transformed to transform the world.
Preacher, author, mentor
We focus on empowering those whose voice is unheard, the victims of injustice, by building a culture of peace and serving local communities.
Jitu Dongardive
Transformation Ministry, YWAM Madrid
Student, artist, communicator, builder, administrator, photographer, lawyer, writer, or storyteller…
You too could be a voice for the voiceless!
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More information about the DTS

YWAM DTS is not only a prerequisite for being a member of YWAM staff, but also to access other schools and training courses offered by the University of the Nations.

Discipleship Training School (DTS) and Lecture Phase and Outreach. DPS 111/112 Credits: 11 /12

The DTS (Discipleship Training School) is a 20-week full-time residential program (12 weeks lecture phase and 8 weeks outreach phase), designed to help you grow in your Christian life and equip you in evangelism. The schools in Madrid are bilingual (Spanish and English).

You will learn more about God and His world; not only in the interactive classes but also through community life, small groups and practical and creative workshops. There will be additional activities such as worship, intercession and evangelism.

You’ll be able to put into practice what you have learned through transcultural experiences in Spain and other countries.

  1. To GATHER and INVITE people to worship, listen to and obey God, releasing them (in the context of the DTS) to serve through evangelism, intercession, acts of compassion and other expressions of God’s heart for the world, possibly even pioneering new ministries.
  2. To INSPIRE and CULTIVATE growth in one’s relationship with God resulting in Christ-like character, based on solid Biblical foundations, the work of the Holy Spirit and the personal application of Biblical truth, particularly concerning the character of God, the cross and the grace of God. 
  3. To SHARPEN one’s ability to relate to, learn from and work with people, including those of different cultures, personalities and perspectives.
  4. To further EQUIP each one to serve God’s purposes either in or outside the YWAM Family of Ministries and in other spheres, strengthening a commitment to reach the lost, especially the unreached, to care for the poor, and to influence all areas of society.
  5. To IMPART the story, vision and foundational values of Youth With A Mission and the University of the Nations, as well as those of the host base and to provide information about a variety of opportunities for service once the DTS has been satisfactorily completed.

We start with 12 weeks of focused, intensive discipleship in our missional community. You and your classmates will explore a range of topics, guided by experienced local and international mission practitioners. We will address areas related to following Jesus in life and character, personal relationship with God and missions.

What is the Voice for the Voiceless DTS?

A dedicated time to help you grow as a disciple and equip you for cross-cultural evangelism, mercy ministries and using your skills to bring people to the knowledge of God. You’ll get to know God and His heart for the nations and your role in it.

You’ll develop a Biblical understanding of the major questions of life: origin, meaning, purpose and destiny. You will learn to minister like Jesus and to put your faith into practice and see it grow. You will experience His power to transform lives, families and communities!

Our focus is those whose voice goes unheard: those who suffer injustice, orphans, street children, refugees, the poor, the needy and also cross-cultural mission. Building a culture of peace by serving the felt needs of the community.

Some of the topics covered: the character and nature of God; intercession and worship; the Father heart of God; the Holy Spirit and His works; Bible study (the inductive method and apologetics); the kingdom of God; conflict resolution; emotional healing; interpersonal relationships; social justice and much more.


At YWAM our approach is holistic – living and learning – blending classroom learning, small group activities, personal reflection, practical service and community living. There will also be activities outside the classroom such as worship, intercession and evangelism.

Other essential elements of your DTS lecture phase experience include:


We love meeting with God together! You’ll have regular times of worship with your DTS, as well as with the larger YWAM Madrid community.

Work Duties

Everyone, staff and student, lends a hand to keep our community functioning. This could include serving in the kitchen, helping with administration, working on property upkeep, wherever there is a need and wherever your skills fit.

Assignments and Projects

Book reports, a group research project and weekly journals give you more opportunity to process and apply what you are learning.

Prayer and Intercession

Connect with God’s heart and intentions for situations, nations, people groups and more as you and your DTS regularly pray and seek Him together.

International Community

YWAM Madrid is a multicultural, multigenerational gathering of individuals and families from many church backgrounds, committed to Christ, to the Great Commission and to each other. As a community, we regularly set aside time to reach out to the cities of Torrejón and Madrid – the mission field at our doorstep – bringing hope to those in need.

Cien por Cien Vida 

During the lecture phase, students will participate in projects and activities run by our NGO, 100% Life (Cien por Cien Vida) in the local neighborhood: English classes, crafts, working with children, the homeless, the food bank and more.

One-on-one Discipleship

There will be regular times to meet with a DTS staff member, giving you the opportunity to further process what God is doing, receive prayer and more.

Small Groups

You’ll have times to meet with a smaller group from your DTS to discuss, process, encourage each other and have fun.

Fun and Adventure

Living in community offers endless possibilities for enjoying life. Whether it’s exploring Madrid’s coffee culture or enjoying the amazing views of Toledo, we love having fun together!


In the outreach phase you will use what God has taught you to help others!

After the 12-week lecture phase, your DTS will head off on an 8-week cross-cultural practical phase.

Outreach teams go and serve the lost wherever they are and share the hope of Christ in many ways: evangelism, discipleship, sports, drama, youth ministry, teaching, music, practical service, prayer, multimedia – we do it all.

We demonstrate the love of God to people through our lives and through the gifts He’s given us.

Teams regularly partner with local churches and YWAM ministries to strengthen their ministry and provide follow-up discipleship.

Your final week will be spent back in Madrid, debriefing and being equipped to live out everything that God has done in your life during the DTS.

We are so glad that you’re interested in getting involved with YWAM Madrid. Here is a quick overview of the application process, whether you plan to come as a student or a volunteer.

  1. Get in touch!

Start the application process by filling out this quick form! This will give us a good idea of what your interests are and how we can help you best in your application process. If you are still unsure about applying, this would be a good time for us to answer any questions you have.

  1. Applying

Once we’ve answered your questions and you’re ready to apply, we will send you the link to the online application forms.

  1. Recent photograph

Please send a recent photo of yourself with your application form.

  1. Registration fee

After sending your application form, please make your non-refundable registration fee payment of 50 €, either by bank transfer or PayPal (the bank details are on the application form).

If you are not a European citizen (Schengen Zone), you will need a visa. Processing the visa documents costs 50 €, so if you need a visa, please pay 100 € to cover the visa and the registration cost.

  1. References

Please send the confidential reference form to your pastor or spiritual leader. Ask them to send it directly to us at the email address specified on the form.

  1. Confidential medical certificate

Please send us the certificate signed and stamped by your doctor.

  1. Copy of health insurance and passport

Please scan and email us a copy of your health insurance and any health insurance card you may have. In addition, send us a copy of the main page of your passport (the one with the data and photo), as we will need this to process your visa.

  1. Background check to work with minors

We ask all our students and volunteers to obtain this certificate (background check) since we often organize activities with minors on our bases and during our events. If you are not resident in Spain you will need, in addition to the Spanish certificate, a certificate from your country of origin. You can apply for the free Spanish certificate online at the Spanish Ministry of Justice.

  1. Quick call

Once we have your application and references, we will set up a quick video call with you to get to know you better and answer any questions you may have.

Do you still have questions? Read our FAQs or send us an email: [email protected].